National Invasive Species Awareness Week

National Invasive Species Awareness Week happens during the week of February 26th - March 2nd. This year, in cooperation with the Congressional Invasive Species Caucus, National Invasive Species Awareness Week will be observed on Capitol Hill. Events throughout the week will raise awareness and identify solutions to invasive species issues at local, state, tribal, regional, and national scales. Events include: lunchtime seminars, afternoon webinars, evening fair and reception, and field trips.

SHRINE TO THE ASH TREE installation at the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Museum

A Shrine to the Ash Tree highlights the American Ash Tree in a video art installation at the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center. Andrea Torrice's latest project uses art as a venue to examine the plight of the American Ash Tree. A Shrine to the Ash Tree is an investigation of the Ash tree species’ extinction due to the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive insect from Asia. Read more...

Ohio Wesleyan Screening

Spring 2017 had lots of screenings of Trees in Trouble, including at Ohio Wesleyan University where members of the US Forest Service Research Center and the Delaware Shade Tree Commission answered audience questions about the latest genetics and seed banking research as well as research on surviving black ash trees that have recently been found in the wild.

Film Screened at ReLeaf California Conference

Trees in Trouble was recently screened in August as part of the ReLeaf California Conference in Los Angeles, CA. People from around the state, including public officials, scientists, policymakers, planners, and non-profits, gathered at the conference to discuss the pressing issues facing the state’s trees and forests. The record-breaking drought and fires have killed over 60 million Sierra Pine trees alone.