Film Screened at ReLeaf California Conference

ReLeaf CaliforniaTrees in Trouble was recently screened in August as part of the ReLeaf California Conference in Los Angeles, CA. People from around the state, including public officials, scientists, policymakers, planners, scientists and non-profit, gathered at the conference to discuss the pressing issues facing the state’s trees and forests. The record breaking drought and fires have killed over 60 million Sierra Pine trees alone.

In addition, California trees are being attacked by a new group of invasive species at a record rate. The southern California pests of greatest concern are:

Goldspotted Oak Borer
Goldspotted Oak Borer
  1. Goldspotted Oak Borer, which kill several kinds of oaks and established (known) at sites in 4 counties.
  2. Polyphagous and Kuroshio Shot Hole Borers, which attack more than 300 species of woody vegetation and kill more than 100 of those; widespread in Los Angeles basin and spreading in San Diego County. Dramatic damage caused by Kuroshio Shot Hole Borer has been found in the Tijuana River riparian areas of San Diego, including in state or county parks.
  3. Red and South American Palm Weevil, which are threatening palm trees in cities and likely native palms in the desert.

Let your public officials know that you care about our trees and that more protection is needed.

The linked report provides some needed actions we need to follow.

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